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By John Burns

For a couple of years there’ve been rumors suggesting there’s a new Hayabusa on the way, and with that old warhorse currently MIA from Suzuki‘s list of returning 2021 models, the buzz has grown a bit louder that Suzuki’s fixing to spring a new World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle on the world. This time we’ll be a bit less unsuspecting than we were in 1999, and this time, it won’t be so easy a feat for Suzuki to pull off, given the existence of the Kawasaki H2 Carbon, which made an honest 206-rear-wheel horsepower on our dyno last November.

Whether the new ‘Busa is fact or fiction, it probably won’t be the earth-shattering experience the original 1999 GSX-R1300 was, a motorcycle that had no peer or precedent when it came to bouncing off its 186-mph speed governor. (Actually, as Mr. Siahaan points out, the governor didn’t appear until year two for the Hayabusa.) I still remember the day outside Barcelona when Mr. Watshisname, the Hayabusa project leader, asked us lucky “journalists,” with a sincere smile, to please respect all Spanish traffic laws. That was just before our German ride leader snapped his visor closed and twisted his Hayabusa’s throttle to the stop as we set off down the motorway. Soon, gentle freeway bends became corners where you could almost get a knee down.

The Hayabusa’s been a big hit ever since, but that of course wasn’t enough for everybody. What else are you gonna do, if your name’s Yoshimura, but build a Hayabusa to race in the Suzuka 8-Hour? Fujio Yoshimura built the X1R ‘Busa to run in the X-Formula class of the famous endurance race in 1999, which his bike promptly won against a field of other heavily …read more

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