Church of MO: 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200S

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Much like the Holy Trinity, the Motorcycle Online Staff in those days, 20 years ago, was able to coalesce as One, to write road tests in the first person singular from anywhere in the world. Kawasaki’s new ZRX1200 would go on to achieve cult status, though I, the MO Staff, don’t believe the “S” model tested here ever made it to the New World. It barely matters, since the two photos are barely discernible anyway. The “S” had a slightly larger fairing than the ZX1200R, which appeared in America later in 2001. Let us all observe a moment of silence in honor of bandwidth.


2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200S

Seventies on Steroids

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 17, 2001

North-south-hampton-ridge-shire, 28 June 2001 — “They don’t make ’em like they used to.” Or so goes the popular expression. I beg to differ, though. I’ve just finished testing the bike that proves this old cliché wrong — Kawasaki’s ZRX1200S.The ZRX1200S has been deliberately built in the image of the bikes of the seventies. It has a simple frame, twin shock rear suspension and a big, ballsy engine that hangs out in the breeze for all to see. The riding experience owes a lot to the seventies’ universal Japanese motorcycle (UJM) that the big Zedder is so blatantly modeled on. For a start, you sit on the bike, rather than in it as with many of the modern sport bikes.

The bars are wide, fairly high, and made of tubular steel unlike the stubby alloy clip-ons that grace so many bikes nowadays. It has a broad saddle, built for comfort, actually containing more than one millimeter of padding between your arse and the pan. The footpegs aren’t placed in a cruiser position, but then they aren’t set too far back and too high like on a hyper-sports machine. In …read more

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