Lee Parks Design DeerSports Gloves Review

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By Jim Pruner

My Quest for the Perfect Riding Gloves

For motorcyclists, living in San Diego is a pure blessing. The climate is pleasant and mild throughout the year with only a handful of rainy days. To the west are scenic routes by the Pacific Ocean, to the east twisty mountain roads and the desert to explore. I take full advantage of this and ride year-round, often racking up more than 15000 miles a year. Searching for good gear is a necessary habit.

In my experience, many motorcycle gloves wear out after about two years of daily use (not involving a crash). Seams break open or leather gets faded and worn out while losing its suppleness.

Durability is not the only issue. As a daily rider who commutes on a motorcycle a few hours a day, comfort is also a deciding factor. After doing some research on durable yet comfortable motorcycle gloves, I decided to try Lee Parks DeerSports Gloves.

Lee Parks is an author of one of the best selling motorcycle training books, “Total Control – High Performance Street Riding Technique.” His courses are taught at numerous locations in the US and in Europe by well-trained instructors. He founded his motorcycle gloves and accessory company after years of working as an editor for Motorcycle Consumer News testing motorcycle gear.


They are made in the USA, and the construction of the gloves is good. They use two nylon threads instead of Kevlar thread for the elasticity, and there is less stitching overall meaning less chance of breaking at the seams.

Stitching and hems inside are smooth, and I do not feel any pressure points or anything rubbing against my hands. However, the shape of the knuckle protection patch is a bit irregular and cut unevenly.

The stitchings on these patches are also not in the same shape. …read more

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