MO Tested: Rokform Rugged Case and Universal Mount Review

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By Ryan Adams

Now that we can use our phones for so many things, they rarely leave our side – or hands in many cases. You can use your phone to pay at the grocery store, to hook up with randos via dating apps, and, of course, for GPS. Other bits of info you might want access to while you ride may include your music or seeing who’s calling/messaging or perhaps some cool new app from your motorcycle manufacturer. Other motorcyclists don’t want to have anything to do with their phone while riding, but even those Luddites need directions from time to time. With Rokform’s rugged case and universal mount, you get a solid mounting option that will connect to any Ram Mount-style ball receiver, and a stout phone case that attaches to it.

Rugged Case

Rokform makes all manners of smartphone cases that work with its mounting systems and they’re stout. The case is made out of a hard plastic with a rubberized outer edge that lets the user keep a secure grip on the case. The inside is lined with a soft material which is said to protect your phone and provide impact absorption. The Rugged Case exceeds military drop standards (MIL-STD 801G-516.6). Take what you will from those sorts of claims, but the Rugged Case does feel just that, rugged. In comparison to other cases I have lying around – which includes a Pelican case – the Rokform case is one of the stiffest.

The case is on the larger side, but not annoyingly so and it still easily fits in the front or back pocket of my jeans. The rubberized edges however do make ingress/egress of said pockets a bit difficult. In the hand, the buttons on the side of my phone still convey very positive feedback, unlike other cases that …read more

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