2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S First Look

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By Dennis Chung

UPDATE: KTM says the 1290 Super Adventure S will NOT be coming to North America for 2021.

KTM officially announced the new 2021 1290 Super Adventure S, featuring a new frame, a low-slung fuel tank, Euro5 compliance and adaptive cruise control. The announcement confirms details we were first to report in December after the official pages for the 1290 Super Adventure were mistakenly published on KTM’s website. Not announced yet, but expected to come shortly, is the more off-road capable 1290 Super Adventure R which will receive similar updates.

2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R and S Details Leak

The new chassis was designed to improve weight distribution for better handling. KTM moved the steering head back by 0.6 inches and the engine was rotated forward slightly, compared to the 2020 Super Adventure, changes KTM claims will result in sharper cornering. Meanwhile, the swingarm was lengthened for more stability under acceleration.

The fuel tank has the same 6.1-gallon capacity as the 2020 model, but the low-slung saddle-shaped design helps to lower the 1290 Super Adventure S’ center of gravity. The tank has an electronically-opened cap and is integrated with a small storage compartment with a USB charging socket.

A new subframe helps to lower the seat height of the 2021 model by half an inch to 33.4 inches, but if you need more room, it can be raised up to 34.2 inches. The handlebars are also adjustable, as is the new windshield which was optimized through wind tunnel testing.

KTM redesigned the split headlight design to integrate the Bosch radar sensor. The adaptive cruise control system uses data from the radar to automatically adjust cruising speed to keep a safe distance from traffic.

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