Adventure Tire Buyer’s Guide

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By Ryan Adams

As mentioned in our first installment of adventure bike upgrades, tires are one of, if not the, easiest ways to transform the handling of your big adventure bike. As adventure bikes have grown in popularity, so have tire offerings for them. With the plethora of tire choices to choose from these days, one can almost pinpoint exactly how much dirt versus road you plan on doing and choose a tire that meets your riding expectations.

When I first purchased my 1190 Adventure R, it was my only motorcycle, and I was commuting on it every day. Though I had dreams of off-road adventures on my Adventure, I couldn’t justify slapping on a set of TKC80s and shredding them on the 405 freeway. I chose to run the stock ContiTrailAttacks for quite a while until I bought my Tuono, then I was able to start swapping in more aggressive tires on the KTM since I wouldn’t be using it to commute all the time.

The adventure tire buyer’s guide we’ve put together includes nine brands with one road-biased and dirt-biased offering from each. Yes, we know there are other brands and other tires, but we had to draw the line somewhere. If your favorite tire isn’t listed, leave it in the comments section to share with other readers.

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