Indian FTR1200, FTR S and FTR R Carbon Get 17-inch Wheels and Sportbike Cred for 2022

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By John Burns

The FTR seems to be one of those love-it or hate-it polarizing kinds of motorcycles. With this trio of 2022 Indian FTR1200s, Polaris wants more love and less hate. When loosed upon the public in 2019, a large part of the confusion had to do with its 19-/18-inch wheel combo, complete with flat-track inspired Dunlop tires. What is this thing anyway? A sportbike? An ADV bike? A Ducati Monster wannabe? The only thing certain was that it wasn’t much like anything we’d seen before from a (major) American motorcycle manufacturer, or any manufacturer for that matter. The answer, of course, was that the FTR was a little of all those: a 120-horsepower liquid-cooled V-twin naked sportbike that was happy to blast down dirt roads too. Indian went so far as to hold the bike’s press launch in Baja, on a ride that included 40 miles of sandy dirt road. On the other hand, you could also just cruise, in the time-honored American idiom, thanks to the nice upright ergos and standard cruise control.

You can still get that adventurous FTR1200 in the form of the Rally, which continues on with the bigger (wire-spoke) wheels and dirty road capabilities. Now, Indian’s brought three new 2022 FTR1200s to bear, all with 17-inch wheels front and rear shod in proper sportbike rubber, revised suspension to suit, a lower seat, a refined engine tune, and – Indian hopes – a whole new appeal for people who have no intention of leaving the pavement. I think we all wondered why they didn’t build this one first? Probably because they were trying hard to make the flat-track-dominating FTR750 connection.


Indian Press Release:

MINNEAPOLIS (January 26, 2021) – Indian Motorcycle redefined what an American V-Twin can be with the introduction of its category-defying FTR platform in 2019. Now, America’s …read more

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