The Return of a Legend is Official: 2022 Kawasaki KLR650

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By Makenzie Shattler

Kawasaki has now released details on the 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650. The KLR has been legendary in the adventure riding world since it’s release in 1987. A very straightforward, four-stroke single-cylinder with lots of fuel capacity at a fair price point.

Since 1987, not a lot has changed with Kawasaki KLR other than a slight cosmetic makeover in 2008. In 2018, Kawasaki had decided to end an era of one of the most legendary adventure bikes to date. Skip ahead to the end of 2020, a time where there was little to look forward to, Kawasaki announced a possible dual-sport to hit the production line. Left with little details at that time, our prayers for the return of the iconic KLR have been answered.

A few major changes to the KLR650 include a 652cc DOCHC single-cylinder engine, with fuel injection for increased fuel efficiency and reliability. A fresh digital instrument panel with multiple functions, and a new fuel tank. The KLR will also include a new LED headlight to bring it up to modern-day functionality. It will also include a slightly longer swingarm than years past to improve ergonomics on long rides.

The 2022 KLR650 will also have a load of accessories available from Kawasaki in case you want to fully deck out your midsized adventure bike. These accessories include optional ABS, newly designed cases, auxiliary lights, adventure guards, DC outlets, and even a USB plugin.

The updates made to the 2022 KLR650 are subtle but needed all while keeping the overall costs down. Kawasaki has also released multiple colorways for the 2022 KLR650, and we think they’re awesome.

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