Top 7 Gadgets To Capture Your Ride

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By Troy Siahaan

Picture it: you’re having the motorcycle adventure of a lifetime; you’re somewhere new, traveling down roads and paths you’ve never seen before, and just around every bend is a view more picturesque than the last. The scenery is gorgeous, the roads (or trails) are twisty, and you and your motorcycle are one. By all accounts, this ride qualifies as epic. There’s just one problem: you haven’t documented any of it. Once the ride is over, you’ll only have memories to refer back to, save for the few shots you took on your cell phone camera.

We know, for some of you even a cell phone is more technology than you’d rather be packing. For others, the social media life, and taking a million selfies to show for it, makes you throw up a little inside. This might surprise some of you, but there can be a happy medium. There is such a thing as documenting experiences for you to look back on later or to show your kids when they get older. If life’s about experiences a motorcycle will take you there, but a few gadgets will make the memories last in vivid detail.

Thanks to the march of technology, capturing and/or documenting your ride has never been easier. Whether you’re a track rider, adventure gal, or long-distance Iron Butt-er, these days there’s almost no excuse not to document your ride somehow. For this list, we’ve gathered six gadgets we use to capture our rides, plus one device we think has a lot of potential. Most of them should be small enough to toss into a backpack or saddlebag, so there’s really no excuse no to bring them with you. Curious what they are? Let’s get to it.

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