Monster Fairings: Not All Fairings Are Created Equal

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Customization is a staple of motorcycle ownership, and when it comes to sprucing up the looks of modern sportbikes, there’s no better way to get dramatic and eye-catching results than to turn to aftermarket fairings. Then again, maybe you’ve had the unfortunate fate of crashing your sportbike and damaging the stock bodywork. Aftermarket fairings are a great way to replace your damaged bodywork at a fraction of the cost of new, while also injecting some personalization at the same time. Whatever your reason, you should look to Monster Fairings for your aftermarket bodywork needs.

Aftermarket fairings, like sportbike riders, come in many different shapes and sizes, but often the thinking goes: if you want high-quality stuff it’s going to come at a premium price. Monster Fairings is out to change that perception.

Founded in 2013 and based in London, England, Monster Fairings specializes in custom aftermarket motorcycle fairings that are guaranteed to fit and not break the bank. How do they do it? By manufacturing in China.

That’s right, we’re going to put the elephant in the room out there in the open. Why? Because not all Chinese products are equal and we’re here to break the stigma that all Chinese-made products are bad.

Look. We know breaking the stigma is going to be hard. Like you, we’ve personally seen a lot of the garbage floating around on places like eBay. These other companies have flashy graphics and take nice photos to promote their products, but underneath the facade the fairings themselves are cheap, flimsy, compression molded plastic pieces with even cheaper mounting tabs held in place by a giant blob of glue.

To make it worse, half the time (probably more) those tabs don’t line up with the mounting points on the bike anyway. Then you’re left trying to …read more

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