2021 Ohvale GP-2 Review – First Ride

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By Troy Siahaan

If you’ve been following the minimoto space, you’ve probably heard of the Ohvale name. The Italian company pumping out mini road racers has been a hot topic of conversation in trackday and racing circles. We all know that riding big bikes on a racetrack is a thrill unlike any other. But it’s also true that riding full-size sportbikes at trackdays can be pretty expensive – up the ante even more if you decide to go race. Beyond the cost of the bike itself, you’ve got trackday fees, fuel costs, and tire bills. The costs go up even more if you have to schlep it a long way from home and find lodging for a night or two.

Minimotos, and in this case Ohvale specifically, offer a much more affordable option while providing a lot of the same thrills as a big bike. Depending where you live, go-kart tracks are generally closer than big tracks, entry fees are tens of dollars rather than hundreds, tires last significantly longer, and it’s not uncommon to top off the gas tank at the start of the day and forget about it. All the while, the on-track experience mimics that of a sportbike – the dynamics and technique you use to go fast on a small bike all transfer over to the big ones, too.

The Ohvale GP0. Without anything to give it context it’s hard to understand how small this motorcycle is, but trust me when I say it’s tiny.

This is the market Ohvale is tapping into thanks to Brandon Cretu, co-founder of Rise Moto, the US importer for Ohvale. He’s a former paratrooper and racer who’s competed at several prestigious events like the Isle of Man TT, Macau GP, 24 Hours Of LeMans, and the Suzuka 8-Hour, just to name a few. After seeing …read more

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