New Book Takes The Guesswork Out Of Colombian Motorcycle Adventuring

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By Chase Hadden

Jeff & Alan’s Guide To Motorcycle Travel In Colombia

That’s right, folks. Jeff Cremer and Alan Churchill have put their combined decades of ADV riding experience and put it all into a handy guide to be used for tackling some of the world’s most amazing ADV riding spectacles titled, “Jeff & Alan’s Guide To Motorcycle Travel In Columbia”.

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Jeff said it best himself; why bother sifting through hundreds of Facebook group posts, forums pages from 2009, and archived internet blogs for information that could be perhaps outdated or inaccurate? The edge that these guys have on the rest of the game when it comes to having the “right information” is the fact that both Alan and Jeff run a successful motorcycle touring business called ‘Colombia Moto Adventures“; so you know you’re getting the best information when you take into account the fact that these awesome guys quite literally tour Columbia on motorcycles for a living.

Jeff mentions that the book covers a ton of basic FAQ as well as the deep-cuts of information only an expert would have. Simple things like “how/where do I fill up with gas?” and “where can I buy/rent a motorcycle in Columbia?” and “how the hell and I supposed to cross the Darien Gap?” are all examples provided as to what extent this publication goes to bring you the information you need about your upcoming Columbia ADV tour.

Jeff Cremer spent his past-life as a wildlife photographer in the Peruvian Amazon. That means that this book is packed full of hundreds of amazingly detailed photographs documenting the entire adventure and provides readers with all the visual representations you may need to bring clarity to your trip.

If you want to ditch the idea of figuring all of this stuff out by yourself, head on over …read more

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