America’s First Motorcycle Company Remasters the Iconic Indian Chief

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By Makenzie Shattler

In 1921 Indian unveiled the Indian Chief and its only appropriate to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its release. Indian has unveiled three reimagined variations of the iconic Indian Chief for the 2022 Indian lineup.

It’s been eight years since a redesign of the iconic Chief model. The Chief Classic, Vintage, and Chieftain launched in 2013, and there’s no better time for a refresher than its 100th birthday.

The 2022 lineup includes the Chief, Chief Bobber, and Super Chief. All three of the remastered icons will have a “dark” side which will include a variety of options for a total of six brand new bikes.

Though Polaris acquired Indian Motorcycles some years ago, the history of America’s first motorcycle company can never be forgotten. Indian has captured the mechanical simplicity of classic American V-twins but included modern features and sophistication.

Official press release below:


With a low seat height, solo saddle, middle-mount foot controls, and

drag bars, the Indian Chief gives riders a confident sporty riding position.

A cast 19” front wheel, slim headlight bucket, and exposed rear shocks

provide a stripped down mechanical style. Powered by the Thunderstroke

111, the Chief is available in Black Metallic, Ruby Smoke, and White

Smoke, the Chief starts at $14,499.


Mini-ape hanger handlebars paired with forward foot controls provide

a more upright and commanding riding position. The Chief Bobber

sits on 16-inch wire wheels, adds fork and shock covers, features

a large headlight bucket wrapped in a nacelle and a Thunderstroke

111 engine with a mix of chrome and black details for a timeless

look. The Indian Chief Bobber, starting at $15,999, is available in

two paint options, Black Metallic and Ruby Metallic.


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