[REVIEW] INNOVV ThirdEYE Mirror System

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By Bruce Cole


So here we are, in another year and as we look back at 2020 and forward to 2021 one thing is certain – our COVID-19 pandemic world is still with us. But there is more than a modicum of hope that vaccines, continued vigilance and the unrelenting efforts of our health care systems and providers will prevail and I for one thank everyone involved. There is still much uncertainty going forward but optimism is a must.

There is no denying that motorcycling has been and remains impacted by the pandemic, positively and negatively. And while so many large, and small group activities, from mainstream industry shows, manufacturer reveals, demo days and group functions have either been cancelled or severely curtailed, the industry and the riding community have adapted.

Much of this adaptation involves the accelerated use of digital multi-media presentation forums and platforms and of course, social media. We may or may not get back to the once enjoyed physical interaction aspect of shows, demo days, etc., but for now, it seems we are coping in a digital sense.

And this form of coping is likely to become reality or the norm, with many industry entities moving from hosting or participating in the physical venue activities, to online or virtual-based activities – in whole or in part.

There is also no denying that motorcycling remains a popular activity – a look at world-wide market figures and industry initiatives tells that tale. And whether for leisure, work, or any combination in between, our COVID-19 world has resulted in a surge or resurgence of the larger powersport market and particularly, the motorcycling segment.

And this surge or resurgence, along with time, technology, and imposed or voluntary time-outs are adding impetus to or industry focus of safety technologies and features that have long been available to the automotive …read more

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