Yamaha’s TMAX Gets Limited Edition For 20th Anniversary

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By Chase Hadden

It’s A 20th Birthday Party

Although scooters can often find themselves in the bracket of lower performance due to the nature of the ‘perfect commuter’ lifestyle, Yamaha’s TMAX definitely lives up to its name. The maxi-scooter boasts a 562cc engine for supreme TMAX power, and Yamaha has decided to award the scooter a limited edition run of 560 units to mark its 20 years of development.

This special edition is essentially a 2021 TMAX that has been given a visual overhaul to mark it as a truly limited edition scooter. The biggest difference you will notice when comparing it to a standard TMAX will be the composite carbon fiber parts that have found themselves onto the scooter in addition to yellow accenting in key locations.

The front fender, side panels, and exhaust cover have all received this composite carbon fiber update. The material used almost looks like a matte/gloss digi-camo and definitely makes this scooter stand out when compared to the standard edition. Yellow pinstriping is overlayed on the front fender, but that’s not all for accenting; the seat comes decorated in yellow stitching to match the aesthetic, and the side panels also get some special yellow striping.

It wouldn’t be a special edition without special badging though. All around this scooter you will find 20th anniversary badging adorned to the parts so that you can have the pleasure of knowing that you indeed bought the celebration scooter, no matter what angle you view the vehicle from.

Did I mention the heated seats yet? Yeah, this thing gets some sweet tech upgrades too with the 2021 model year. Not only are both the front and rear seats heated, but you will also …read more

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