SA1NT Women’s Unbreakable High Rise Skinny Jeans Review

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By Mika Lee-Philipsek

Riding Jeans with Style

Jeans are probably the most popular clothing both on and off the motorcycle. However, regular denim does not provide adequate protection for motorcyclists. This can be shown using the Cambridge impact abrasion test.

It entails dropping a sample of material from a height of 2 inches onto a 60 grit abrasion belt spinning at approximately 18 mph. Regular denim fails miserably at this test by lasting only 0.6 seconds. This is why motorcycle jeans are built differently.

There are many choices for protective riding jeans these days, yet not all of them are appealing. Some with a common Kevlar or aramid liner can be hot and uncomfortable to wear all day.

Others are so downright ugly that we would never want to be caught dead in them, not to mention wearing them off the motorcycle at the workplace. Even though it is always better to be safe than just sexy, we would like to ride in style if possible. Life is too short for ugly gear.

SA1NT is an Australian motorcycle apparel company that claims to offer riding jeans that are safe, comfortable, and fashionable. Their “Unbreakable” jeans with Dyneema® are single-layered and look like designer jeans while providing the desired level of protection for riding gear. They provided me with a pair of their High Rise Skinny Jeans at no cost for this review, and I gladly gave them a try.


What is Dyneema?

Dyneema® is a brand name for an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) made by a Dutch company, DSM. It is a high-density material with very long molecular chains that have high intermolecular bonds. In simple terms, it is “the world’s strongest fiber“ that is also very lightweight.

It is 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight and about 40% lighter than Kevlar. Dyneema has …read more

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