Church of MO: 2001 Aprilia RST1000 Futura First Ride

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By John Burns

Twenty-five years ago the Aprilia RSV1000 Mille won our Open Twins shootout, the SL1000 Falco was a staff favorite, and the Scarabeo 150 scooter was “practically Italian sex in a practical package.” Wait, what? Anyway, the Futura was and is a great sport-tourer, but maybe not great enough, since Aprilia pulled the plug after 2005. Have they built a sport tourer since? I think not. Shudder to think how good a thing to ride an RSV4 Futura might’ve been.

A serious sport tourer from the little company that can.

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 16, 2001
Torrance, California, 22 June 2001
Initially, the opening line of this story was going to read: “Pardon us if we don’t gush all over Aprilia’s all-new RST 1000 Futura like people expect us to.”After spending the perfunctory getting-to-know-you period with the Futura, we were less than amazed. Not that there was anything wrong with the bike, mind you. It just didn’t tickle our nether regions like we expected it to. But once we started to spend some more time on the bike, we began dispensing of hundreds of miles at a time and, almost magically, our opinion of the bike changed.

Right now, Aprilia is really doing the biz, popping out bikes left and right, seemingly with each one going straight to the top of its class. In addition to their numerous championships in various two-wheeled disciplines, the success of their recent entries into the street bike market have caught a number of people by surprise. Including us. Aprilia’s Mille won our Open Twins shootout, their Falco quickly became a staff favorite and their Scarabeo 150 is practically Italian sex in a practical package. All juicy, emotional stuff, no doubt. So why the lack-luster initial response to the Futura?

Not Just a Mille With Bags When we first …read more

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