How To Drag Your Knee: What Every Rider Should Know

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By Troy Siahaan

So you want to drag your knee, huh? We get it. Scraping your knee puck on the ground looks cool, and if you’re in the business of looking cool on motorcycles like we are, then it helps provide a little bit of job security. But putting your knee on the ground is not just a way to get more likes on the ‘gram, it can also be a useful tool to gauge how far over you’re leaning your motorcycle. In this tutorial, I’ll tell you how.

The Legal Stuff

If you’re going to try this, then you’re doing it at your own risk. Don’t blame us if anything goes wrong.

But first, a disclaimer. Learning and practicing any new motorcycle technique should be done in a controlled environment, like a big empty parking lot or a racetrack. Your local canyon road, or worse, your freeway on-ramp, is NOT the place to practice any motorcycle technique. Ensure your motorcycle is in proper operating condition – no leaky fluids, no bald tires, etc. – before beginning. And if we have to remind you to wear all your gear, especially knee pucks and/or protection in this case, then we highly advise you to stop reading now and not try this at all. Lastly, accepts ZERO responsibility for any harm, damage, or injury that may occur to you, your motorcycle, or other property. You, and you alone, are responsible for your actions.

Now, Let’s Begin

For the sake of this guide, we’ll assume you’re riding a sportbike or a sporty-type motorcycle. Basically, cruisers need not apply, though we’ve seen cruiser riders get their knee on the ground on occasion. Getting into the details of proper ergonomics and the placement of the controls on the motorcycle is out of the scope of this article, so we’ll save that discussion …read more

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