Do You Ride After a Beer or Two?

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By Makenzie Shattler

First things first, riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not okay nor do we condone it. Riding a motorcycle takes skill, intuition, and focus at all times. Riding on anything but the “top of your game” is never a smart idea.

Though you may be able to legally ride a motorcycle after having a couple of beers, it impairs your reaction time and raises the likelihood of an accident.

With that said, we won’t be naive and pretend that people don’t stop for a cold beer while riding on a hot summer day.

We wanted to know what the most common practices were when it came to having an adult beverage while out on two wheels. In the name of gathering real data, we asked 100 riders from all over the globe what their practices were when it came to having adult beverages and riding a motorcycle.

Below are our questions along with the data we collected. Disclaimer: The answers from this survey were given freely and anonymously.

Do You Ride After Having a Drink?

The data collected came back very promising. The 57% majority of riders said they do not ride after having a drink and we commend those riders. These riders are far less likely to be involved in an accident as their reflexes and brain functions will not be impaired.

The riders who do not ride after drinking usually plan ahead. They plan to either not drink or find a ride home if the festivities turn into an all-night event.

Being in control while riding is the key to have a safe and enjoyable ride. Having one drink can dull your cognitive and physical reaction while riding putting you at risk while on a motorcycle.

As for the 43% of riders who said they ride after having a drink, they continued …read more

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