Church of MO: 2001 KTM Roll-Out

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By John Burns

Rather hard to believe that KTM didn’t build its first street motorcycle until 1996 – the Duke 620. Since then, the Austrians have built so many excellent Dukes, RC sportbikes, and great adventure motorcycles it’s hard to remember the time before. Today we look back 20 years to when the orange brand decided to make a push into the world of motocross. It took them a while to get there, but they did achieve three Supercross titles in a row with Ryan Dungey, 2015 through 2017. An Easter reading from the book of Kato.

Austria’s Assault Force Arrives!

By Mark Kariya Mar. 23, 2001
Photos by Jon Bonello
Torrance, California, September 21, 2000 — KTM is best known by most American enthusiasts as a leading European Advertisement
manufacturer of off-road/enduro motorcycles (a memory of the days when John Penton first imported the bikes to meet his particular needs for enduro bikes, no doubt).KTM hopes to change that perception via a large-scale remarketing effort. You saw an initial stage of that in this year’s AMA/EA Sports Supercross Series as well as the AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships. While KTM has always made motocross bikes, it’s never really been well-known and popular in the U.S. as a major player in the MX market.

It remained one of those quaint European companies, too small to make a wave in the oceans of Japanese bikes that dominated tracks on these shores. That’s changing.

As the giant orange KTM 18-wheeler at all AMA Pro Racing events testifies, KTM has made motocross in America a priority. It’s only fair, of course, since Americans are the leading consumer of its products, which now number 30! That’s even more impressive when you consider that all but five are pure dirt models, including the built-on-order 660 Rally intended strictly for races like the Dakar Rally. KTM …read more

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