Rizoma Presents: The Stealth Mirror

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From the brand that has brought you some of the most innovative aftermarket accessories for your motorcycle, Rizoma has done it again. Taking inspiration from the world of aeronautics and merging it with its massive racing experience, Rizoma has created a supersport mirror unlike any other – the Stealth.

A direct replacement for the standard mirrors, the Stealth is a mirror cleverly disguised as a wing.

A product designed specifically for supersport motorcycles, the Stealth was created to look as minimal as possible, to keep with overall sportbike design, but also to provide great visibility for its primary role as a mirror. It consists of two parts: a fixed mirror stalk, which is directly mounted to the fairing, and a movable glass element, which acts as a mirror when rotated 90-degrees into the viewable position.

Rotate the end of the winglet to reveal the mirror.

Wait, movable? That’s right; when the element is rotated into the closed position, it blends perfectly with the mirror stalk and transforms into an aerodynamic wing. Because let’s face it, in this age of modern sportbikes, if you don’t have wings then you’re one step behind the competition. But the Stealth is more than just a good-looking mirror – it’s a functional wing, too. In the closed position, the wing-like shape has an angle of attack of 25ΒΊ relative to the ground, which not only contributes to a new, sleek, and aggressive look for your sportbike, but also adds downforce for better grip and handling, especially at high speed. To give you an idea of how much force this small but mighty wing can produce, at 186 mph (300 kph) the Stealth wings generate 8.8 pounds (4 kilograms) of downward force.

With such a highly technical piece like the Stealth, Rizoma went to great lengths to design the mirror …read more

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