Indian Files Trademarks for Scout Rogue

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By Dennis Chung

Indian Motorcycle has filed trademark applications in multiple markets for “Scout Rogue,” suggesting a new Scout variant is in the works.

The trademark was first filed April 1 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with subsequent filings made today with trademark offices in Australia and the European Union. In each instance, the name “Scout Rogue” was registered for use with “motorcycles and structural parts therefor.” While that description is relatively vague, we can make some inferences from what we know from recent history of both Indian and its parent company, Polaris Industries.

From the name we can assume the Rogue will be built on the Scout platform, sharing the same liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. It’ll likely have a 1133cc displacement like the Scout but we can’t completely rule out the smaller 1000cc version of the engine powering the Scout Sixty.

What’s interesting about “Rogue” is that it’s not the first time Polaris has tried to use that name for a motorcycle. Back in 2013, Polaris filed a trademark application for “Rogue,” which, at the time, would have meant the name was intended for a Victory motorcycle. The name may suggest the Scout Rogue was also originally supposed to be a Victory, possibly as a follow-up to the Octane which used a 1179cc version of the Scout’s engine. This wouldn’t be the first time that Polaris has revived a Victory project as an Indian; the earliest patents for what turned out to be Challenger’s engine were originally conceived for a Victory.

Besides this prior history, the name “Rogue” doesn’t really give much clue as to what to expect. Indian does offer a few accessory two-up seats it calls Rogue, however they are designed for the larger cruisers and tourers and not the Scout models.

On a most basic level, the Scout Rogue may turn out …read more

Source:: Indian Files Trademarks for Scout Rogue


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