Your First Track Day: 5 Things You Should And Shouldnt Do

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By Troy Siahaan

Congratulations! You’ve decided to do your first track day. Welcome to what will likely be your next addiction. Riding on the racetrack is a ton of fun and allows you to explore your limits in a much safer environment than the street. Your friends and riding buddies have probably told you this before, and we’re guessing it’s why you’ve decided to sign up for your first outing. You’re understandably excited, and probably nervous, too. Don’t worry, your friendly MO staff are here to help.

We’ve been there. We can all remember our first trackday, and we’ve been to enough subsequent trackdays to give you an idea of what’s important to remember and what’s better to forget. Here, we’ll give you our five do’s and don’ts when it comes to participating in your first trackday. It’s all simple, really.


Have health insurance

This one shouldn’t need any explanation.

Bring plenty of water and healthy foods.

Few things are worse than being hungry and dehydrated on the track. Also, your ability to concentrate will fade if you suffer from either of those.

Make sure your bike is in good working order.

No leaks, tires with life left in them, and no strange drips from your suspension. Also, some trackday organizations require you replace your (slippery) glycol-based coolant with distilled water or another coolant type without glycol. Even if yours doesn’t, this is still a good idea anyway.

Bring your key!

Your otherwise great day can all end very quickly if you leave your bike key at home.

Ride your ride.

It’s your first trackday. Plenty of other people will be faster than you. Don’t get sucked in. Ride to your comfort level and go home with your motorcycle in one piece. Nobody wins a …read more

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