Why Today Should be the Day You Get a Dashcam

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By Makenzie Shattler

Many vehicles on the roads in 2021 are equipped with dashcams either from the factory or aftermarket. A dashcam is a camera that is mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard to capture video and audio of any event – big or small – on your travels. Should an accident occur, a dashcam can mean the difference between a terrible “he said, she said” situation and provide the facts surrounding the event.

As you know, motorcycles do not have dashboards per se, but in recent years, technology has evolved to give motorcyclists the ability to install dash cams on their bikes. This proves especially useful whether you are running a quick errand on the bike or going on a cross-country journey.

Dashcams have a much more useful purpose than providing the masses with funny “Fail” videos on YouTube. Today we will cover some of the differences of dashcams on the market and how they can benefit you.

What are Motorcycle Dashcams & How do they Compare to Car Dashcams?

Similar to an in-car dashcam, a motorcycle dashcam aims to provide video and audio footage while riding your motorcycle. This footage can be used for a variety of purposes in case you need a “silent witness” on your travels.

Right now dashcams come in two different forms. They come in single-channel or dual-channel, the “channel” refers to the number of cameras that come with the dashcam system. A dual-channel dashcam includes a forward-facing camera in addition to a rear-facing camera. They are the best option as they provide footage in the case of a rear-end accident, whereas a single-channel front-facing camera won’t capture that footage.

Motorcycle dashcams have evolved over the years to be waterproof fit for all motorcycles in addition to providing 1080P footage saved to an on-board memory card. Settings on …read more

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