Church of MO: Living with Hondas XR250R

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By John Burns

Jan Brady was a middle sibling in the `70s sit-com The Brady Bunch, who got no respect as a result of her Coke-bottle glasses, lack of acting skills, and that none of the three Brady sisters on the show could hold a candle to the beauty of Alice the housekeeper. Which is kind of the situation the Honda XR250R found itself in 25 years ago – smaller-pistoned and therefore less desirable than the XR400 and XR650. Anyway, all those air-cooled beasts were unkillable when you could get them to (kick)start, and Honda will still sell you a brand-new XR650 if you desire one as Alice desired Sam the butcher.

A Decade Gone By

By Len Nelson, Apr. 20, 1996, Photography by Len Nelson
Meet the Jan Brady of Honda’s off-road lineup. Despite several major changes for 1996, the new XR250R remains somewhat overshadowed by all the press attention given to it’s bigger sibling, the XR400R. Here to rectify the quandary we’ve contributed to is a detailed report of our experience with Honda’s quarter liter XR — one year later.For the past nine years Honda’s mid-sized four-stroke dirt bike has remained essentially unchanged. Introduced in 1979, this aggressive play-bike has been inducing smiles from owners the world over. Interestingly, it had the same effect on us. If you’re looking for a first trail bike, crave a mid-sized woods machine, or perhaps you’d just like to get back into the sport on a casual basis, the XR is a viable candidate for
that empty spot in your garage.

This bike is all it’s cracked up to be. What’s New? We were truly impressed by the performance of the new XR. No shortcuts here. Honda’s engineers have breathed new life into the powerplant, claiming higher torque and improved responsiveness. A new carburetor, lightweight dual exhaust and a freer-breathing …read more

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