MV Agusta Updates The Turismo Veloce Range For 2021

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By Troy Siahaan

Following on the heels of the recently updated Superveloce range for 2021, MV Agusta has now announced a refresh for the Turismo Veloce family, which includes the Turismo Veloce Lusso, Lusso SCS, RC SCS, and Rosso. MV’s take on a sport-touring motorcycle, the updated 2021 range is more of an evolution of the family rather than a revolution – spurred primarily by the need to keep up with Euro 5 emission standards.

MV Agusta Updates The Superveloce Range For 2021

As we know, though, whenever an OEM updates a model, it doesn’t turn its attention to only one area. The overall package gets updates where needed, and the Turismo Veloce is no exception. These updates focus on emission compliance, sure, but also safety and comfort for both rider and passenger, whether traveling short distances or far. Now, let’s run down the list of changes to the 2021 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce.


We start where we usually do, with the engine. It’s the familiar 798cc inline-Triple with counter-rotating crankshaft shared across a variety of models within MV’s range. In Turismo Veloce trim, it gets new intake trumpets for better low-end and mid-range power compared to the other 800s in the family, since this is the area most riders will be spending their time. In fact, where the Superveloce makes 148 horsepower (claimed), the Turismo Veloce sees a peak of 110 horses (also claimed). However, the T-V’s torque curve is fatter, and there’s a 12% torque increase between 3000-6000 rpm compared to the previous model. The gearbox gets revised ratios for lower revs while cruising, too. While MV don’t state as much, the lower revs, theoretically, should reduce vibration at the bars and help maximize fuel mileage – obviously two areas of big importance to touring riders.

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