KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas Pierer Mobilitys Three-Pronged Attack

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By Dennis Chung

Like many motorcycle brands, KTM had a challenging 2020, with sales shrinking in the face of COVID-19 and the economic toll it exacted. The Austrian brand sold 212,713 motorcycles through the year, a 9.3% decrease from the pre-pandemic world of 2019.

Despite the decrease in orange bikes, not to mention a two-month interruption in motorcycle production, parent company Pierer Mobility actually saw an increase in market share, thanks in large part to its other two motorcycle brands: Husqvarna and GasGas. Husqvarna sales increased from 45,650 units in 2019 to 49,046 units in 2020, while GasGas sold 8,648 motorcycles in its first full year as part of Pierer Mobility. That wasn’t quite enough to make up the 21,736 decrease in KTM sales, but it did help cushion the blow.

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A History Lesson

Pierer Industries acquired Husqvarna in 2013, purchasing the Swedish brand from BMW. At the time, Pierer Industries also owned Husaberg, another Swedish brand that splintered off of Husqvarna when the company was acquired by Cagiva in 1988. Pierer then merged the two tre kronor brands under the Husqvarna name.

In 2015, KTM was reportedly in discussions to purchase GasGas after the Spanish brand filed for bankruptcy. Employees of GasGas were, shall we say, less than welcoming. The Torrot Group stepped in instead to keep GasGas afloat, but that only lasted a couple of years before the brand met financial trouble once more. This time, Pierer Industries stepped up and purchased a 60% share of GasGas in 2019. In July 2020, Pierer Industries, now renamed Pierer Mobility, acquired the remaining 40%, assuming full control over GasGas, adding it completely to its portfolio alongside …read more

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