Church of MO: 2011 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Review

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By John Burns

If it’s 2021, it must be time for a new Ducati Monster. In fact, it’s nearly always time for a new Ducati Monster. Since the original M900 of 1993, naked Monsters in probably 40 iterations both great and small have been a huge part of Ducati’s success. The beauty of that is, if you don’t like the new, non-trellis framed Monster that’s scheduled to appear for 2021, there are tons of pre-owned Monsters out there looking for a good home. Pete rode this one in Sicily ten years and six days ago.


More power, standard ABS and traction control with no price increase

By Pete Brissette Apr. 12, 2011
Photos by Milagro
The Monster 1100 is the latest bike in Ducati‘s lineup to receive the EVO (Evoluzione Desmodue) up-spec treatment. With 246,483 Monsters sold since the model line’s 1993 debut, creating a model like the 1100 EVO seems a good way to kick off the 18th year of Monster production.The big-bore naked Italian roadster has been a favorite of the staff here since it first appeared in 2009 as a replacement for the Monster S2R. The strong pulling power of the comparatively simple air-cooled two-valve engine and the overall excellent handling performance from the chassis are key qualities we’re particularly fond of in the biggest of the Monsters.Now with a revised engine, new exhaust, tweaks to ergos, reduced weight and the addition DTC (Ducati Traction Control) and ABS as standard, there’s even more to like about the biggest of the Monsters.

2011 Monster 1100 EVO. The Monster 1100 receives ABS, traction control, lighter wheels and an extra 5 hp as part of the EVO upgrade. And it doesn’t cost a penny more than the 2010 base model Monster 1100.

Monster EVOlution

Where do you start to improve a motorcycle without re-engineering it to the point …read more

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