Book Review: Scraping Pegs by Michael Stewart

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It has been a while since my last appearance here on WBW. But when the opportunity to read and review Scraping Pegs appeared in my inbox, I had to jump at it. As a rider and the author of a book (don’t worry, no shameless plug for my book here), I wanted to give it a go. I’m always curious about how other authors get their thoughts down on paper.

Yes, I know that sounds really old school. But I’m old, and that is still how I get the job done. A piece of paper and a pen seem to complete the somewhat archaic circuit between my hand and brain to get the words flowing.

But enough about me- this is all about Michael Stewart and Scraping Pegs. Just one last thought, I hope that my review will do this book justice and encourage everyone to get a copy and indulge in the JOY. This is a FIVE STAR read!

Scraping Pegs By Michael Stewart

What is the result of a lifetime spent on two wheels and the desire to share the experiences, life lessons, and sometimes hard knocks with others? Scraping Pegs is one man’s story about the age-old quest, man’s desire to find control and peace. In this case, the challengers include a monster machine, gravity, and even the demons that can reside inside your own head. And the only way to conquer any of them is to face them alone, on two wheels, and with more than an average dose of passion.

Not Just A Daily Diary Or Trip Log

Scraping Pegs has everything you want in a good book: mystery, intrigue, layers of innuendo, and even a dirty little secret. But when you get right down to it, Michael Stewart is a real person, offering honest insight into the world as seen …read more

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