Keep-It-Klean’s Revolution Air Filter Cleaner

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John Smith was cleaning yet another reusable air filter one day, when he noticed that after shaking it out, it still held a lot of water. As anyone would, he started throwing it in the air, spinning it as fast as he could to remove more water. That worked well, and then came the brainstorm: “So I walked into my garage and found my hand-held rotary seed/fertilizer spreader. My dog (Prince) had already chewed up the top, so I finished the job and cut the rest off. I duct taped the filter to the spinning part and started spinning the crank: The faster it spun, the more water came off. So, I started working on a design that would automate the whole process.”

Eureka! The Revolution air filter cleaner was born. It’s a pretty simple idea, but the execution is everything. A 17-year R&D mechanical engineer, John Smith has been busily perfecting the Revolution for the last few years, raising money – and hopes to begin delivering product by July 4.

“Thankfully, CAD (computer aided design) software had become more affordable, and then affordable and dimensionally accurate 3D printing came online,” says Smith. “We started working on several iterations over the last three years and lots of testing has taken place. As we found issues, they were resolved and tested again. We got to a point where we had high confidence in its operation. Then came COVID 19, and another year of R&D we didn’t really need.”


People install K&N-style air filters on their vehicles for increased airflow and performance, but that performance doesn’t last long if that oiled-element filtering medium isn’t kept clean. In dirty or dusty environments, that means frequent cleaning, and it’s a dirty, labor-intensive chore that can grow old quickly if you have multiple vehicles.

Enter the Keep-It-Klean Revolution

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