Motikom MPlus BT Intercom Headphones Review

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By Bruce Cole


While we cope with the ups and down of our COVID-19 pandemic world, many of us are also well into or at least getting cranked up for another riding season – appreciating regional limitations and concerns of course; motorcycling can truly be an insular and socially distanced safe activity.

One of the best ways, at least for me, to cope with things, especially over the winter months, is in having new and different products to look at and then anxiously look ahead to spring when said new products can then be put into use.

The subject of this review is not new-new per se, having been received way back in late November 2020, with a couple of cold late season rides squeezed in for initial testing – just enough to whet the appetite regarding the new systems.

Over the winter months, in digging further into this new product, some great information and constructive dialogue ensued with the development team to provide valuable insights into how this evolving product came about and the direction being taken.

But before we jump into specifics, there are a couple of relevant motorcycling challenges that need to be identified and kept in mind as this review unfolds…

First off is that motorcycling is a noisy experience and secondly, the ‘noisy experience’ always intrudes when trying to communicate while riding – n’est-ce pas? And many of us spend a lot of time (and money) in managing or trying to manage both.

While the noise issue is addressable to varying degrees, it is never really eliminated. But the second is (far) more manageable, although it never ceases to amaze me how little attention, we (actually) pay to address or resolve this matter.

Motikom & the MPlus Headset

Motikom is the brand name for Audikom Technik Limited, a company founded in 2018 and headquartered in …read more

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