The Best Motorcycles of the 1960s

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By Joe Appleton

The 1960s was a transformative time for the motorcycle industry. As the mobility culture shifted from affordable motorcycles to affordable four-wheelers, the industry found itself at something of crossroads and on the cusp of an identity crisis. The 60s would bring about the beginning of the end for the British industry, an unexpected rise of the Japanese industry, and a shift from small-capacity mobility solutions to thoroughbred performance bikes.

The racing scene was experiencing a golden age, with racing championships becoming mainstream entertainment and riders like Giacomo Agostini and Mike Hailwood becoming household names. Safety measures and rider protectives were under the spotlight, and the decade ushered in new innovations, culminating in the Bell Star—the first real full-face helmet—hitting the market in 1966.

No matter how you view the 1960s, there’s no denying that it was an exciting time to be on two wheels. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best motorcycles of the 1960s.

Ducati Scrambler

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The first Ducati Scrambler rolled onto the scene in 1962 and left a lasting legacy. Today, the modern Scrambler range features a number of exciting models that have gone on to become some of Ducati’s best sellers, but the Scrambler of today wouldn’t exist without the original Scrambler line of the 1960s.

Produced between 1962 and 1974, the original Ducati Scramblers were powered by single-cylinder engines in a variety of sizes, with frames altered for off-road riding, and dirt-track accessories. These Scramblers were available in 250 cc, 350 cc, and 450 cc displacements (with an additional 125 model added in the 70s), and were widely popular.

The 350 model, was a particular favorite. Equipped with a potent 340.2 cc single-cylinder engine, 27 horsepower, Marzocchi suspension, spoked wheels, and a lightweight frame, the Scrambler could hit speeds …read more

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