Triumph’s TE-1 Electric Superbike: Everything We Know So Far

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By Andrew Jones

The last week of March 2021 saw Triumph Hinckley announce ‘phase 2′ of their hush hush, cloak and dagger, top secret electric bike project. And unlike some other manufacturers who will remain nameless, it doesn’t seem to be all blue sky, smoke and mirrors. So should you get all excited and start selling your hard-mined Bitcoins now? Well, yes and no. Here’s what we know so far.

You Can’t Ride It. At Least Not Yet

As you can probably tell by the preponderance of ‘artist renditions’ here, there’s no bike to photograph at the moment. But make no mistake; this clearly isn’t just another feel-good exercise to keep the EU and the environmentalists happy. And that’s great news for riders like you and I. So while work has begun on the battery, frame, engine and electronics, all Triumph really has at the moment is a bunch of separate elements that are still under development and a frame that holds them all together.

Despite this, they are saying that it’ll be capable of 177ps (174bhp), while torque will be a beefy but nut crazy 80lb-ft. Keep in mind that it may be capable of more than this, but probably only in short bursts. Think 215 horses, or thereabouts. Also, note the Harley-esque belt drive set-up shown above. Weight is anyone’s guess at this stage of the project, but it’d be fair to say that with a motor that only weighs 15kg (33lbs) and some very bleeding-edge battery technology, it’ll likely be more svelte than a scarecrow on a hunger strike.

It’ll Probably Be More Than One Bike

Triumph’s ‘Chief Product Officer’ Steve Sargent chose his words carefully during the highly scripted Triumph press video below. In it, he was very clearly talking about the new tech being a development ‘platform’ – manufacturer marketing speak …read more

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