Porteos Self-Loading Motorcycle Ramps Aim to Make Transporting Your Bike Easier

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By Chase Hadden

Loading Made Easy

Figuring out how to get your $20,000 motorcycle up a $200 ramp into the back of the bed of your truck is never easy. If your bike needs to be transported and you can’t ride it anywhere, typically the only option to move the motorcycle is to haul it into the back of a truck and drive it to your destination. This is where Porteo’s new self-loading motorcycle ramp comes into the picture.

Getting a bike into the back of a truck can be a daunting process for some. Sometimes your motorcycle is too big and heavy (Harley-Bois, I’m looking at you…), and other times your truck is just lifted too damn high (I’m guilty on this one). Regardless of the semantics, pushing a big and expensive machine up a skinny (and slippery) piece of metal at a 30+ degree angle is simply terrifying; and if the proper precautions aren’t taken, either your truck bedside or bike could be headed to the infirmary.

Porteo’s new AUN 1000 and AUN 2000 self-loading motorcycle ramps take a different approach to this process by doing the job for you. The AUN series loaders utilize a fulcrum and a telescopic loading mechanism that will bring your bike parallel to the ground before sliding its way into the back of your truck (or van, or trailer, or Smart car roof).

The mechanism is completely powered by a simple hand-held drill. I don’t think Porteos has any DeWalt tool collaborations coming in the near future, so you’re probably on your own for finding a drill to operate the loader. The drill spins the worm …read more

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