Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Adventure Tourer Jacket Hands On Review

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By Simon Bertram

In today’s jacket market, it’s almost overwhelming trying to find the right jacket. There are jackets for different riding styles, different weather conditions, hell, there are jackets for even the most niche of markets. Armored hoodies, anyone?

Now, add in the fact that the big-n-tall crowd has more than a few issues finding gear that fits, and the issue is compounded. I personally stand 6′ 1”, I weigh 275 lbs as of the morning I am writing this review, and I am generously what one would call broad. Thick neck, wide shoulders, wide chest, a bit of a belly, and big wide hips. I make no qualms about it, I’m big and I’m heavy. I used to play rugby, and that shaped who I am today, physically.

Another compounding factor is that I live in yonder Northern country, also known as Canada. Firstly, no, we are not frozen solid all the time! Secondly, in Alberta where I live, we have weather shifts so sudden and so dramatic that throwing a dart at a wall of weather conditions is often more accurate than the official forecasts. It can be a bright, sunny summer’s day and change into a torrential downpour with hail in about 3 minutes flat.

With all of these factors in hand, I went jacket shopping. Most of the big-n-tall manufacturers are US based, but even some of their gear wasn’t fitting just right. Either too tight across the chest, or didn’t have enough room in the torso region to be able to lean forward on a bike properly. I was about ready to throw in the towel and just go home when I visited the last store on my little gear tour of my city, and came across this jacket.

Big thanks to Simon at GW Cycle here in Calgary …read more

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