Church of MO: 2001 Suzuki DR-Z250

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By John Burns

Did September 11, 2001, change the world? Seems like it did, beyond the destroyers of the World Trade Center’s wildest dreams. Before that, there was Minime and Calvin off for a ride on a spring day on a new Suzuki DR-Z250. After that, things got somber: You had to take off your shoes to fly, and deal daily with a whole new level of amorphous paranoia. Oh well. Suzuki sold the DR-Z250 in the US right up until 2019. Most of them are still blatting along on a trail near you – just the antidote you need to tune out the cray-cray.

Suzuki Introduces the U.S. to a Japanese Favorite

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 20, 2001

Torrance, California, April 17, 2001 — We were a bit shocked when we found out about the new DR-Z250 a few months ago. You see, with media attention trained on bikes like Yamaha’s YZ250F and the new moto thumper that Honda is set to debut at the Glen Helen Nationals very soon, we couldn’t help but question Suzuki’s motives in bringing out a 250 trail bike.The DR-Z seems well-equipped to go up against the likes of Honda’s XR250 and maybe even Yamaha’s TTR-250. It has been selling well in Japan since 1996, but does the US market really need another trail bike?

Suzuki thinks it does. And to that end, their new

250 comes in as an entry-level off-road bike that has a few nice bits on it, though nothing truly innovative. Then again, as a beginning off-road rider, you’re more concerned with ease of use and reliability for years to come. To that end the Suzuki has a few nice touches such as electric start, a low seat height and adjustable suspension, but will that be enough to make people want the bike?Tech Inspection …read more

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