Combat Motors Reveals New Addition to Their Showroom

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By Amanda Quick

Combat Motors, previously Confederate Motors and an American Company driven towards individualism and diverse creativity, has just released their newest limited edition bike model to the public.

Everyone, meet The Combat Wraith.

I’m not usually this excited when it comes to ultra-limited edition motorcycles. Sure, the exclusivity and raw power might tickle your fancy, but you have to be on an A-list to even take a peek at the thing – not to mention your pockets have to be lined with Midas’s own wallet to take a shot at owning one. But Combat Motors has always managed to deliver on cutting-edge design and general, all-around, jaw-dropping gorgeousness – and I’ll be darned if I don’t love them a little more for it.

According to a report from MoneyControl, This beautiful beastie was released within the past 24 hours, expanding a very exclusive Combat Motors showroom and raising some eyebrows in the process. Only 21 units of the Combat Wraith will be sold, each costing $155,000, with an additional $100,000 deposit by wire to reserve a model in the current stages of production. For those who couldn’t get their hands on the Confederate Wraith, now’s your chance.

By the looks of the photos, you get what you pay for.

The bike is built entirely from solid billet blocks of military-grade, lightweight, fatigue-resistant aluminum. Then we get to the suspension: a unique girder double-wishbone front, with an, offset cantilever rear mono-shock. Chassis: Machined aluminum monocoque, with the massive (dare I say iconic) 7-inch curved Wraith backbone containing a neat 4.5 US gallons of fuel load. As if all that wasn’t enough, the fuel tank, cam timing cover, throttle box, and fuel tank are …read more

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