[REVIEW] 2017 Zero DSR – 600 Miles of Electric Fun

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By Mark Kitaoka


I’m the guy who can often be found eating dessert before the meal or breakfast at dinner time. So I’m going to start off by saying the Zero DSR is an incredible experience. There, saved everyone loads of time. Haters can start bitching right away and fanboys can say I told you so. Simple – no need to read further since you can get into arguing right away.

Since most guys have the patience of an adolescent erect penis you can be instantly satisfied knowing that ‘you were right’ which we all know is so damn important. Just read forum posts for validation!

First off, I want to make it clear that this review is of my recently purchased used 2017 Zero DSR which I purchased in March of 2021. When I took ownership the bike had 9023 miles on the clock by one previous owner. The VIN searched revealed a clear title, no reported severe damage or accidents. At the time of this article, I have only owned the bike for five weeks, putting 600 miles on the clock, a combination of riding 70% on road 30% off-road.

By no means is it my final thoughts, simply my initial new owner observations. I am building a website that will be more extensive and cover items I’m not placing into this article. If you want to know my ongoing thoughts, my site is www.zerodsr.com.

Photo credit: SF Moto

This is the SF Moto dealer’s photo of the bike I bought, a 2017 Zero DSR with Charge Tank, Touring Wind Screen with 9000 miles for $10,495.00. Why would I include this in my post? Well, the bike sat on their website for 132 days before I purchased it. So, if you’re thinking I lucked out by jumping on a used DSR the day it …read more

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