2022 Yamaha Zuma 125 First Look

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By Dennis Chung

Yamaha announced a redesigned Zuma 125 scooter for 2022, offering a new, more rugged appearance and variable valve actuation (VVA) technology. Yamaha has used VVA for a number of models over the last few years, mostly on scooters but also on the R15 sportbike for Asian markets. The 2022 Zuma 125 will be the first model with VVA Yamaha will bring over to America.

Visually, the 2022 Zuma 125 (also known in other markets such as Canada as the BWs 125) has a more utilitarian, off-road look than the previous design. The beak fender is larger and more angular, while the front shield has a blockier shape. The tires are the same size as the 2021 model, but the 2022 Zuma comes with new DURO tubeless fat tire with a more aggressive block pattern.

The new Zuma’s engine has the same 125cc engine displacement as the 2021 model, but instead of the previous 52.4 mm bore and 57.9 mm stroke, the 2022 engine has a 52.0 mm bore and a 58.7 mm stroke. The compression ratio is also higher, at 11.2:1 compared to the previous 10.0:1.

The engine remains an air-cooled fuel-injected four-valve SOHC, but it now uses VVA technology to change the valve timing at different engine speeds. The VVA system tweaks the timing for linear acceleration, stronger torque at low rpms and more power at high engine speeds. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a V-belt transmission with a centrifugal clutch.

The chassis consists of a steel tube frame with a step-through design. The seat height is 30.9 inches, a smidge higher than the previous 30.7 inches, but the saddle’s narrow shape helps provide an easy reach to the the ground.

The 33mm telescopic fork offers 3.2 inches of travel …read more

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