A Breath of Fresh Air: Introducing the Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest

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We’re big fans of motorcycle airbag technology here at MO, especially our own Troy Siahaan who learned first hand how effectively an airbag can protect a rider in a crash.

One of the world’s leaders in airbag technology is Helite, a French company founded in 2002 by Gérard Thevenot, an engineer specializing in fluid mechanics. In addition to airbag vests for motorcyclists, Helite produces similar systems for equestrian riders and cyclists, and even an airbag belt for seniors to protect their hips during a fall.

Thevenot had a passion for lightweight methods of flight such as hang gliders, paramotors and ultralight aircraft. Seeing the risks and high accident rates of light aeronautics, Thevenot started looking at ways to provide pilots with extra protection. Eventually, Thevenot developed an individual airbag that would deploy around a pilot, providing some protection from impacts.

Though the initial idea came from aeronautics, Thevenot saw how the technology would also help motorcyclists, and his initial patent from 2002 describes how a rider could wear an airbag packaged in a vest that deploys in the event of a crash.

One of Helite’s signature products is the Turtle 2 vest. Unlike other products where the airbag is incorporated into a jacket, the Turtle 2 is an airbag vest that can be worn over most motorcycle garments. This gives the Turtle 2 some added versatility, as a rider can use the same vest over a lightweight ventilated jacket during the summer, or over a heavier jacket for when the weather gets cooler.

Helite’s airbags have a unique shape that helps protect several vulnerable areas. Around the neck …read more

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