Best Motorcycle Spark Plugs

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By Dennis Chung

There was a time when spark plugs required constant maintenance or replacement. With improvements such as electronic fuel injection, cleaner burning fuels and more exotic metals such as iridium and platinum, modern spark plugs can last much longer than they used to, with service life stretching to 80,000 miles or more. These technological advances mean these are the best motorcycle spark plugs ever manufactured, and we benefit in several ways when it’s time to upgrade.

Still, there are reasons why upgrading from a healthy stock spark plug can be a good idea. Better quality spark plugs can improve starting power, engine performance and fuel economy. Modern spark plugs still use a copper core, but the center electrodes are tipped with platinum which runs hotter and last longer. Iridium tips are even more durable, but also more expensive. That being said, spark plugs are relatively inexpensive compared to other upgrades you can make, and the longevity of iridium spark plugs may make up for the extra cost over time.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top motorcycle spark plugs below. Keep in mind that spark plugs tend to be model specific, so be sure to check your motorcycle’s manual to learn what size, heat range, and, most importantly, the gap size between electrodes.

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