Nexx Helmets: Everything You Need to Know

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By John Burns

Nexx helmets has been producing motorcycle helmets since 2001, in Portugal, and is proud of the fact that it’s still 100% located in Amoreira da Gândara, 160 miles north of Lisbon. Why? Because “we believe in having all our knowledge concentrated; this not only allows us to maintain our unique philosophy but also, as we develop and produce our helmets, we know them inside out and we can support and improve them better than anyone else. Plus, doing everything in-house allows us more flexibility while providing a higher level of Customization and Service.”

Nexx helmets are now sold in at least 60 countries, though Nexxes seem to be rare on the ground in the US. That rareness means we haven’t even reviewed a Nexx helmet at MO, far as I can tell. But our most excellent contributor and gear connoisseur Thai Long Ly has owned several of them. TLL says:

“Yes, I have a NEXX or two. Have had several, actually. The X.R2, X.R2 Carbon and a Blade. The plusses are they’re super lightweight… incredibly light, actually. Aerodynamics are excellent, as is the peripheral vision. The view port is wide and tall, so you see everything. No whistling and because it’s so light, you get minimal neck fatigue when on a long haul. They’re not too expensive, either.

“The minuses: They’re not the most robust things I’ve ever had. The lining peels, the fit and finish degrades with time, and the thing just kinda falls apart with continued use. Oh, and they’re kinda loud… not as serene as a Shark or even Arai, but quieter than most barnyard animals.

“Overall, I love the way they cheat the wind; a result of the incredible lightweight construction combined with excellent aerodynamics. For long rides or track days, this is …read more

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