The Best Motorcycles of the 1970s

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By Joe Appleton

While every decade has its icons, the 1970s have so many good models to choose from. It was a time when the Japanese were really stamping their authority over the scene, flexing muscles and cylinders with each other, and driving once-mighty international brands into obscurity. Despite the changing landscape, the 70s created some of the most exciting and innovative motorcycles of all time.

The 70s was such a good decade for motorcycles that we’re currently in the middle of a revival. Think about it: the new wave of retros has totally been inspired by the 70s. A few years ago, it was all about bringing the 60s back, but now we’re in 70s territory, We’ve got the Ducati Desert Sled, the XT-inspired XSR-series from Yamaha, Kawasaki’s reborn Z900 RS, and a whole host of 70s revival Hondas like the CB1100 and even the little Monkey.

There are so many iconic bikes that came out of that decade that it’s hard to choose ten. However, we’ve done our best and tried to give a snapshot of some of the top models of the day. Naturally, there are tons that we’ve missed, and of course, we might have included a couple that you may not agree with.


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The BMW R90S is a 70s icon. Not only is it a fantastic motorcycle to look at but it also helped to shift the public’s perception of what a bike from BMW Motorrad could be. For many years, BMW’s motorcycles were often considered to be dull and uncharismatic. In the early 70s, BMW turned to legendary designer Hans Muth to help inject some fire into BMW’s motorcycle offerings. And the result was the R90S.

Far from being an old utility bike, the brand new R90S was a breath …read more

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