Zero Motorcycles ‘Cash For Carbon’ Program Incentive

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By Amanda Quick

Zero Motorcycles has just reported that their highly successful ‘Cash For Carbon’ incentive program is back at participating dealerships – and the timing is impeccable.

The clever trade-in incentive began as a method for gas-powered motorcyclists to upgrade their rides for a more energy-efficient and low-carbon experience. Today, unprecedented times have created a wealth of new motorists waiting in line for an increasing shortage of motorcycles – and all this while gas prices soar and the hunt for more fuel-efficient commutes continues.

Mike Cunningham, Vice President of Sales at Zero Motorcycles America, says the following:

“The current state of uncertainty over gas prices has spiked the appetite for electric motorcycles more than ever before…This trend has been intensifying the existing popularity of Powersports in general and makes now the perfect time to reintroduce the Cash for Carbon program,”

Should a gal or gent decide to take advantage of this incentive program, Zero Motorcycles will increase the trade-in value of an old gas-powered motorcycle and put that amount towards a new 2020 or 2021 SR/F or SR/S at participating Zero Motorcycles dealers. In addition, clients taking advantage of this deal will also be granted an additional $1500 credit to stack atop the original value of the trade-in.

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According to a report from BusinessWire, the purchase of a new 2020 or 2021 SR/F or SR/S will also qualify under the 10% Federal Tax Credit, plus the payout-perk of any additional local tax incentives.

All told, you’re looking at up to $4000 in incentives off of a Zero bike …read more

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