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New Hesketh 24 unveiled

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These are the first images of the all-new Hesketh 24, unveiled this morning at the firm’s headquarters. It is the first new Hesketh to be produced under the ownership of Paul Sleeman, who bought the rights to the brand in 2010, and has been battling to get a bike into production ever since. High development …

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Great roads on the cheap

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We all dream of long, empty mountain passes in foreign countries – of the sun on our backs, winding roads and a cool beer at the end of the day – yet many of us are put off by the cost of an adventure in Europe. The reality is you don’t need specialist touring luggage, …

Daily Motorcycle News • Honda Motorcycles Announces National Excellence Award

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By totalmotorcycle @Honda Motorcycles Announces National Excellence Award #Honda Motorcycles has underlined its continuing commitment to industry-leading customer service, with the launch of the Honda Certified Technician Excellence Award. Created to encourage and support the education and training of Honda’s motorcycle dealership-based technical staff, the new Award is a significant investment by the global motorcycle …

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Monsters Inc.

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If Ducati hadn’t released the Monster in 1993 the Italian company probably wouldn’t have survived the 1990s. This bike formed the bedrock that allowed Ducati to expand and grow, put money in dealer’s tills and funded the development of headline-grabbing models such as the 916. 21 years later we look at the four defining models, …