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The Switch Motorcycles eScrambler Is Another Killer-Looking Electric Motorcycle

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By Wade Thiel A Real Beauty The art of electric motorcycle design is getting better. Just because it’s an electric motorcycle doesn’t mean it has to look weird. Case-in-point is the new Switch Motorcycles eScrambler concept. The bike is a really nice-looking scrambler with some proper knobby tires and a pretty classic-looking design. The bike’s …

Ubco Introduced FRX1 Trail Bike

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By Wade Thiel Ready for Trails and Fun Ubco is a New Zealand company that sells electric motorcycles. The company just released the FXR1 Trail Bike for pre-order. It’s lighter weight, faster, and more of a tear-up-the-trails-and-have-a-good-time bike than anything else the company has put out before. RideApart says the bike weighs 132 pounds. That’s …