Riding the Charlevoix: Part III, The Mountain Route

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The Charlevoix is not the only meteorite impact crater on our planet, but it is one of the few that is populated. Traveling from the village of Baie-Saint-Paul to that of La Malbaie I’ve crossed the widest portion and ridden past the central upheaval called Mont Éboulements. Half of the crater is missing, the result …


The Revolutionary Transit

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The Transit leather suit from Aerostich is something quite different. Imagine a leather jacket and pants that are perfectly waterproof, absolutely windproof, and keep you up to 30-degrees cooler than regular leathers when riding in the hot sun. Fitted with TF5 military-grade foam the Transit probably offers more impact protection than anything short of competitive …


Riding the Charlevoix: Part II –House of the Bootlegger

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With the St. Lawrence River 1,000 feet below and Mount Èboulements rising behind me it stretches the imagination that this was ground zero of the cataclysmic meteorite impact that formed the vast crater of the Charlevoix. It seems both strange and understandable why this region wasn’t identified as being an impact crater until 1965. Toss …

Riding the Charlevoix: Into the Heart of the Crater

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It’s highly unlikely that you’ve ever ridden across a meteorite crater. In fact, I believe there is only one crater on this planet that has public roads crossing it. There definitely isn’t another one whose resident artists are international recognized or that is a gastronomical center par excellence. The Charlevoix is unique and it’s one …

Coconut Socks for Riders

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Coconut Socks Gen3 Odorless Comfort (your buddies will thank you) RoadGear Styles: Tall, Crew, Ankle, No-Show; $12.95 – $19.95 Sizes: Men 7-16; Women 6-10 Color: Gray with red logo www.roadgear.com (800) 854-4327 I’m a Capricorn, and while most aspects of popular astrology are pure hokum I seem to possess a trait often associated with this …

Captured On Film

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Captured on Film Kelli Chillson Photography www.kellichillsonphotography.com 808-227-9536 2450 10th Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 She was sitting in a white 10×10 selling a book with a black cover. A collection of black and white photographs depicting biker culture. Discovering that she had just picked up this first run from the printer a tiny light flashed …