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Are These Onyx Electric Mopeds the Perfect Urban Commuter Bikes?

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By Wade Thiel Pedals and Electric Power Mopeds were popular machines in the 1970s and 80s, but over time the bicycle/motorcycle bike fell out of style. Now, they’re quite uncommon. You see either scooters or motorcycles, but the pedal moped is a rarity on the road. That may change in the future thanks to ONYX …

Ducati Dominates Sepang MotoGP Test With Four Riders Under Lap Record (News) (Race Results)

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By Dirck Edge As official testing opened for the 2019 MotoGP championship at Sepang this week, the teams finished three interesting days that ultimately saw Ducati dominate its competition. The top four lap times were all recorded by Ducati riders – each of them breaking the unofficial lap record for the circuit previously held by …

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2019 Honda Super Cub Review: First Ride

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By Troy Siahaan 2019 Honda Super Cub Editor Score: 87.0% Engine 18.0/20 Suspension/Handling 13.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 9.0/10 Brakes 8.5/10 Instruments/Controls 4.5/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 9.0/10 Appearance/Quality 9.0/10 Desirability 7.0/10 Value 9.0/10 Overall Score 87/100 It was only seconds after hopping aboard the 2019 Honda C125 Super Cub that laughter started to erupt. Despite rainy weather and cool temperatures, …