JD’s Biker Movie Reviews: “The Mini Skirt Mob”

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JD’s Movie Reviews Vol   9 THE MINI SKIRT MOB by: Jim Dugger This month’s diamond in the rough is “The Mini Skirt Mob”. Since February is the month of love, I’ve chosen this one for its love story implications. (Sort of) This one has newlyweds and a woman scorned. (Guy’s this why you don’t piss …


JD’s Biker Movie Reviews: “The Wild Angels”

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JD’s Biker Movie Reviews:VOL. 3                                   “ THE WILD ANGELS “ By: Jim Dugger This month’s cinematic jewel is the “ The Wild Angels”.  Released in 1966 and was billed as “the most terrifying movie of our time”.   The movie was also known by the name “All The Fallen Angels”.  Their credo is violence; their …