Scorpion Helmet

Lady Bikers – A great helmet is your best accessory

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Scorpion EXO-100 Tribal Black Medium Open Face Helmet is one of the most popular helmets according to my Ladies of Harley friends. The retractable face shied is perfect for riding casually riding beachside then drop it back down when you’re ready to hit the highway again… We highly suggest the motorcycle women in our lives …


The Revolutionary Reevu Helmet – A peer review

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Article content provided by: Grant Delahoy Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria President. A recent MAIDS* in depth investigation of accidents involving powered Two Wheel Vehicles in Europe shows that 80.2% of crashes involve another vehicle, with 75% of these on urban roads. The majority of these (60%) were with a passenger car and 54.3% of …


Nolan’s New N104 Modular Helmet

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                               Modular, or “flip-up,” helmets are essential for moto-photographers and simply convenient for most touring riders. Many, many years ago the only option was BMW’s Modular I, but since then I’ve owned a succession of this type of helmet and each has been an improvement over the previous one. This includes over a decade …

Down On Your Knees: Protekt Riding Jeans

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  Protekt Riding Jeans $97; with TF3 pads $117. Color: denim blue.  Sizes: 32 waist/30 inseam; 32/32; 34-36-38-40/30-32-34; and 42/30-32. 800-222-1994   Reviewed by Ken Aiken   Which hurts the most: falling on your ass or falling to your knees?  I’m not discussing your bruised ego, what I’m referring to is the Icarus Effect.  …

Laguna GPS Tank Bag

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Laguna GPS Tank Bag with Backpack Cat. # LTB Retail: $159.95 Size: 28-33 liter capacity Color: black Whitehorse Gear (800) 531-1133 Reviewed by Ken Aiken Firstgear created the Laguna GPS Tank Bag to allow electronic gizmos — especially GPS units, cell phones, and MP3 players–to be operable while riding. This means visible and plugged …